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Educational games for every classroom.


We make accessible, engaging games for the 21st-century STEM classroom. From Mars exploration to hurricane preparation, our games feature exciting topics and gameplay that inspire students to cooperate, solve problems, and learn.


Destructive Interference

Destructive Interference is a competitive bidding game designed to be incorporated into science curricula on wave behavior.

Scrap Titans

Scrap Titans is a is a tile-based area control game in which players compete to form the largest and most profitable scrap recycling empire!

Project Stormfury

Take on the role of disaster management specialists in Project Stormfury, an educational board game that simulates an incoming hurricane.


Quest for Mars

In Quest for Mars, act as a team of scientists controlling a rover on the Martian surface finding the most likely hypothesis for the existence of life.

Race to Restore

Race to Restore is an area-control game that pits players against one another in a race to rehabilitate a damaged ecosystem.


Meet our game design team.


We are Chris, Whitney, Quinn, and Philip. Together we have over 20 years of game design, graphic design, and teaching experience. 

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Chris Russell

Game Designer

Chris is an educational game designer and scholar living in Northern Virginia. He has worked on educational games on electricity generation, recycling, and many other topics. Currently, he can be found practicing Frozen songs on the piano to impress his daughter.


Whitney Pow

Graphic Designer

Whitney is a Chicago-based graphic designer and game designer with over ten years of web and print design experience. They have worked for places including Literary Death Match and Autostraddle, and have designed games on topics including LGBTQ healthcare. Whitney is a Ph.D. Candidate at Northwestern University, where they teach film, video game, and media studies classes to college students. Visit Whitney's website at

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Quinn Hartman

Game Designer

Quinn is a game designer and academic living in Iowa City. They have designed educational games on topics like public transit and journalism, and pursued research on the history of games, computers, and social science. A PhD candidate in Screen Cultures at Northwestern University, Quinn has presented at numerous academic conferences, and taught courses on film and digital media. In their free time, they sing to their dog.

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Philip Ehrenberg

Game Designer

Philip is a University of Chicago alum living back in his hometown of Atlanta, GA. He has worked on serious games of all types with topics including public health, sexual misconduct, and general STEM interest. He also has extensive experience as a videographer and editor. He spends a fair amount of time practicing baking while contemplating grad school.

Our partners.


Our partnership with JASON Learning and the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, Inc. enables us to make games that reach public schools and beyond.


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